Message from Takeda

Takeda & Associates (T&As) was established to advise concerned companies, universities, research institutions, and strategist on the coming digital age. The world’s thought leaders have identified these roads as the Digital Transformation (DX) or as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They wisely have pointed out that advances in technology and innovation become major geopolitical issues of our time.
Many Japanese have agreed, however they believed that these things will slowly happen over time・・ at least, they assumed, they would have time to prepare. However, the emergence of a serious pandemic called COVID-19 has brought the world quickly into the digital era, and the Japanese must prepare all at once. The old-age knowledge and strategies they hold are no longer useful, and often counterproductive. To overcome the situation, they must relearn and create a new ecosystem for innovation.
T&As has promoted collaboration between US industry-academia-concerned people, progress leaders of the new digital era, and Japanese counterparts to advance an ecosystem for wide-ranging information and learning exchanges. Also, domestically, it promotes interaction by overcoming industry-academia-government barriers and promoting a common collaboration ecosystem.
At this time, T&As has examined the US strategy for 5G, AI as well as the case of the rapid progress made by China over the last few decades. This research will be posted on this website. In addition, the new industrial policy (digital policy) will be posted as a new knowledge article. Both documents will enrich the Japanese ecosystem for technological change.

                                                                                                                                                   Shuzaburo Takeda, Ph.D.


                                                                                                                                                             Takeda & Associates


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